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Department of Counseling, Foundations, and Leadership

Department of Counseling, Foundations, and Leadership

Online Degrees & Courses

Currently, the Department offers two degrees completely online. However, all degree programs offer online courses. New courses and programs are continually developing to meet the needs of students.

Degree Programs


Education Specialist - Educational Leadership

The Education Specialist Degree and Certification program is closed to new enrollment at this time.  Candidates who wish to obtain initial educational leadership certification must obtain Tier I certification through the Masters program or Masters add-on program below.    Advanced certification programs at the Tier II level have been approved and will open soon for candidates who hold Tier I certification and are currently in leadership positions.


Master of Education - Educational Leadership ONLINE

The Master of Education Degree program is offered entirely online using the latest technological advances to prepare the student for Tier I certification in Georgia.   Successful candidates obtaining this certification will be credentialed for assistant principal positions and those central office positions requiring leadership certification that do not supervise principals.   The add-on certification program is designed for those candidates who already have a Masters, Educational Specialist, or Doctorate degree.   Admission, Candidacy and Expectations can be found here.


The Marriage & Family Therapy Certificate 

The Columbus State University's Graduate Certificate Program in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT Certificate Program) was developed  to address the need for clinicians to add training in marriage and family systems approaches to working with couples and families. At the same time, professionals who were already working with couples and families recognized their need for a stronger theoretical foundation, specific skills and knowledge, and a peer network to ensure that their interventions and treatment services were grounded in evidence-based approaches and best practices. This one year certificate assists those intending to become a LMFT.