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Department of Counseling, Foundations, and Leadership

Master of Education in Educational Leadership - Online Program

This M.Ed. qualifies the successful candidate for Tier I certification for entry-level leadership positions once all GA Professional Standards Commission requirements (GACE, etc.) have been met. These leadership positions include P-12 school level positions below the principal and district level positions that do not supervise principals.  At present, earning the degree does not lead to a pay increase in the state of Georgia.


We are delighted that you are interested in the Georgia Professional Standards Commission approved* Master of Education in Educational Leadership Tier I certification. We are currently admitting student cohorts for August and January entry points.

The program courses emphasize student achievement and real-world decision-making processes, critical to the success of the school leader. You will begin with a survey of the principalship and start an internship at a school during your first semester. Internships take place in schools or districts using real data to create and implement plans that work in improving student performance. The program is designed for you to complete the degree in four semesters (approx. 16 months) if you follow the program sequence.

Note: This program requires an internship with an administrative mentor certified in Educational Leadership and currently leading a school. Your school district must approve your participation with your mentor in this leadership program. Your mentor's leadership certificate # is required by the GA Professional Standards Commission as part of your application for leadership certification. Consider who your mentor might be before applying for this leadership program. You cannot complete the program or become certified without a current licensed administrative mentor.

I have attached an admission packet to the bottom of this email for both the M.Ed. and M.Ed. Add-on programs (both lead to Tier I Certification in Educational Leadership). For more information, please contact:

Dr. Chris Garretson at

Frank Brown Hall 3115


Please submit ALL of the following to the CSU Admissions office after completing the online application at Make sure that your name is legibly and correctly printed on all forms. If there is not a way to attach them, you can also email them to:

NOTE: All correspondence with you from admissions and this program will be through your CSU email, not your personal email. You'll be issued the CSU email in a postal letter from admissions once you apply.


  • Submit ALL official transcripts to the admissions office – e transcripts are preferred  (personal copies of your transcripts will not reproduce legibly.)
  • Submit 2 appropriate letters of reference, one by an administrator
  • Submit Teaching Experience Verification and Mentor form from your Human Resources Officer or Superintendent's designee (Three (3) years required).
  • Submit Certificate of Immunization filling out only the basic student information and the online EXEMPTION, sign and submit. (Admissions webpage)
  • Proof of Lawful Presence in the United States (see Admissions webpage)
  • A copy of your current clear renewable teaching certificate (& possibly a criminal background check*)
  • A copy of your Completion Certificate from the Ga Ethics Educational Leadership Assessment (370)  Admissions fee required


Again, we are delighted at your interest in our program.



Dr. Chris Garretson

Program Coordinator for M. Ed (Tier I) and Ed. S. (Tier II) Programs




A.  CSU Graduate Admission Application -   

B.   MEd Full Degree Program Tier I information packet and application


      MEd Add-on Program Tier I  information packet and application