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Department of Counseling, Foundations, and Leadership



(The former PL6 educational leadership GA certification has been closed by the PSC.   Initial certification in educational leadership is now at the Tier I level)

Persons who hold a valid Tier I Educational Leadership Certification, are in a paid Tier I position requiring leadership certification, and who want to be credentialed for Principal positions and those positions which supervise principals, may apply for enrollment in the Tier II Educational Leadership program or the Tier II add-on program.      The  Columbus State University GAPSC approved Tier II  Education Specialist Program in Educational Leadership is open for application and enrollment.   Classes begin in August of 2018.


This rigorous program takes approximately 4 semesters to complete and qualifies the successful candidate to be certified at Tier II- for ALL levels of educational  leadership positions in Georgia P-12 schools.   Program courses emphasize increasing student performance and real-world decision making.  Candidates work to raise their level of proficiency with regard to supervising teachers, promoting, implementing and evaluating professional development programs, developing, implementing, evaluating and revising curriculum, and gaining operational knowledge and skills. This program may be completed fully online or in a combination of online and face-to-face experiences.   The internship requires 750 hours of job-embedded performance based activities.
Note: This program requires an internship with an administrative mentor certified in Educational Leadership and currently leading a school. His/her leadership certificate # is required by the GA Professional Standards Commission as part of your application for leadership certification. Your mentor will be chosen and approved by your school district.
Learning Outcomes
Graduates will:
  • Raise his/her level of proficiency with regard to supervising teachers, promoting, implementing and evaluating professional development programs, and developing, implementing, evaluating and revising curriculum.
  • Be proficient in various aspects of human relations, and act as facilitator and mentor for all school staffs, students, parents, and community persons.
  • Use all available resources to support the instructional program, as well as proposing grants and other means of support.
  • Use technology to support both the instructional and other programs by being a leader and innovative in the use of technology.
  • Have practical knowledge and skill in carrying out a school-wide or district-wide special project, and can set an example and inspire others.
 Program Requirements
  • You must apply and be accepted to both (A) The CSU Graduate School AND (B) The EdS Educational Leadership Program.
  • TIER I certification and a Master's degree is a prerequisite for this EdS program.
  • GPA of 3.0 or better on all course work in fulfillment of the requirements for your latest degree.
  • Current employment in a P-12 school in a leadership position requiring leadership certification (Tier I)
  • A Mentor agreement from a current school administrator certified in Educational Leadership with the direct approval of your school superintendent.
  • 2 Letters of Reference (at least one from a building or system level administrator).
  • Certificate of completion of the Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership Assessment -Program Entry exam (370).
  • A clear background check. (CSU recognizes a combination of a CURRENT copy of your current state teaching certification  AND your verification of current employment by your superintendent  as adequate proof for a background check. )
A.   Program Information packet including forms:
 B.  CSU Graduate Admission Application


 For more information, please contact: Dr. Chris Garretson, Program Coordinator: 
After you are accepted into both the CSU Graduate School and the Educational Leadership Program, you will be notified.   Your advisor will contact you within a few days.     All correspondence from the Educational Leadership Program will be through your MYCSU email, not your personal email.     Check all of your documentation from CSU for that email login.