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Masters in Educational Leadership - Higher Education

About Us

Established in 1958

Columbus State University has been offering graduate degrees for over 25 years, but has been developing leaders since it's inception in 1958. Columbus State University now provides masters and specialist degrees in more than 35 areas of study and a Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Leadership.

Our purpose, at the Graduate School, is to promote student achievement, research, scholarship, global learning, strategic partnerships, and an engagement in discovery and practice. As a graduate student at CSU, you can expect personal interaction with outstanding faculty, professional growth, and flexibility.

Why Choose CSU

There are three great reasons for you to do graduate work at CSU.

First, CSU offers exceptional mentorship and professional partnerships. You can expect one-on-one interactions with outstanding faculty and a close working relationship with your advisor. Morevover, faculty mentors guide you to service, publication, presentation, and research opportunities.

Second, CSU offers high-level opportunities for research, service, and teaching. Whether through advanced degree programs or certificates, CSU provides real opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Finally, many of CSU's graduate programs offer great flexibility. Most graduate classes in our nationally accredited programs meet in the evenings and some are on the weekends. We also offer 14 online degrees, making access easier than ever before!

We're Here for You 24/7

Have a question? Let us know how we can help. If you have any questions regarding the program, Columbus State or just want to chat, please send us an email at

We encourage you to stop by. You can contact us, make an appointment, or walk in. We are located in Tucker Hall on main campus.