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Masters in Educational Leadership - Higher Education

Why CSU?

The Master in Educational Leadership - Higher Education track is a 36-credit hour, degree program designed to prepare students and professionals for a career in the field of post-secondary education. This program is offered through our innovative College of Education and Health Professions at Columbus State University.

Our Master in Educational Leadership - Higher Education track is a fully online program offered in a student cohort. Students choose to take two courses each semester which allows for degree completion in six terms. This program offers you a broad introduction to administration, careers, history, organization, policies, and evaluation of post secondary education programs and practices. A Master's degree in Educational Leadership - Higher Education is valuable for the entry-level professional, mid-level administrators currently employed by a college or university, or the seasoned professional who desires further career development and enhancement.

All full-time, tenured faculty hold terminal degrees in their disciplines. You will work closely with your faculty adviser to complete your program.

You must have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution. No experience in a higher education setting is required for admission to the program.

This program will provide skills and knowledge to be successful in:

Enrollment management
Academic Advising
Athletic Administration
Student life and Development
Higher Education Administration

                           And many more career paths within Higher Education.


Tuition rates are for the 2017–18 academic year and are assessed every semester of enrollment.

  • $385 per credit hour plus mandatory fees
  • Example for six (6) credit hours = 385 x 6 = 2310

Mandatory Fees

Fees are assessed every semester and is automatically added to your semester bill.

  • Technology Fee - $79
  • Institutional - 132.50
  • Activity - 67
  • Example of cost for six (6) credits - 2310+79+132.50+67 = $2588.50


Check out our curriculum for you:

Area 1 Professional Core Required Hours: 9
EDUL 6116 Applied Educational Research
EDUL 6189 School Culture and Diversity
EDUL 6698 Internship for School Leadership

Area 2 Concentration Required Hours: 27
EDHE 6125 Higher Education Law and Ethics
EDHE 6140 Introduction to Higher Education
EDHE 6146 Introduction to Student Affairs
EDHE 6147 Student Development Theory
EDHE 6148 American College Student
EDHE 6177 History of Higher Education
EDHE 6555 Selected Topics in Higher Education
EDUL 6149 Assessment and Program Evaluation
EDUL 6235 Adult Learner Instructional Strategies
Total Hours Required: 36