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Department of Counseling, Foundations, and Leadership

Department of Counseling, Foundations, and Leadership

Community Counseling


This professional counseling degree offers students hands-on learning under supervision providing nationally accredited standards for becoming a mental health professional. While in the program, students will participate in a wide ranging training program that places the student in settings, including clinics, hospitals, agencies and organizations to gain mastery in the helping field. Graduates of the program are licensed eligible and go on to receive a state license to practice or further their career in a doctoral program. This highly successful program welcomes you to consider joining our team as we continue to offer the very best in academic and clinical training.

The Department of Counseling, Foundations & Leadership's Community Counseling program uses the latest technology to enhance teaching, provides scenario-based training and delivers strong support for those wishing to enter the helping profession. Students learn the skills necessary to provide high level interpersonal clinical in

sight and understanding in the care and treatment of children, adolescents, adults, marriages, and families in all areas of presenting problems.

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NEWS:  The CACREP Accredited Community Counseling program is transitioning. The CSU Community Counseling program is undergoing the process for approval of a new CLINICAL MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING program. Once approved, the new program will meet national standards for the CMHC designation. This program adds vital new content for those in the mental health field which changes the program to a 60 semester hour program. This new program will provide candidates additional training in crisis intervention, counseling children, substance abuse treatment and marriage & family therapy.
We will update our website once this process is finalized and approved by the accrediting body. If you have any questions, please contact the counseling office at the above number or email Dr. Michael Baltimore: